Giving new life to old boards.

Hello, "The Stormy Monday" blog is up and running and here is the 1st post. For those of you who don't know, Stormy Monday is a side project, that my friend Jake Gaynor and I started sometime in 2006. The idea was to take all the used boards around us and turn them into new re-shaped "fun boards", "bar boards", or "grocery getters". The beauty of these boards is that they still retain most of their nose, tail and the wheel base stays the same. Which means, you can shred it as modern board whilst getting yr sidewalk-surf-slash on at the same time. Jake shapes his boards up in Portland, Oregon while I shape boards here in Long Beach, California. We take previously skated boards, that are still structurally sound, and re-shape them into new re-usable ones. The boards are cut down into new shapes, harking back to the style of the late seventies, early eighties, the graphics are sanded down, and wheel wells applied. Each board is hand made, signed, numbered and then burnished with the SM "Lightning Cloud" brand. So, until the next post, take care and be nice to each other.